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Frozen Plums IQF

Deep-frozen Plums in tunnel for quick freezing.

Frozen plums IQF: diced, slices; fragmented

* Packaging in 10 kg cartons with blue inner polyethylene bag, which cover the whole fruit and is completely or 20kg in inner polyethylene bag.  

Frozen plums block

Deep-frozen pulp or puree from Plums in vertical plate freezer (Jackstone).

*Package: After freezing of the blocks are arranged on a pallet with a backing made of cardboard in polyethylene bag and between each row of blocks is put polyethylene. After closing the bag with tape blue is foiled with stretch folio. The weight of the pallet is approximately 800 kg.

Plum Paste

Passed plum paste, made from fresh fruits.

No sugar, no preservatives added.

Concentrated by water evaporation.

Fruit mousse placed in 220-liter drum with a PE blue bag. They are placed 2, 4 or 6 on a pallet or grilled at the customer’s request.

*May vary according to specific requirement of the clients.